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Kunde: Henkel
Produkt: Fa Deo Rice Dry
Werbemittel: TVC 30 sec.
Agentur: DDB


TVC Storyboard Text Deutsch:
(Der Spot wurde gedreht und 2009 gesendet).


Glamour-Version des Vernel-Themas

FVO: Wenn Ihre Kleidung Ihnen ein glamouröses Gefühl gibt,
liegt das an der neuen Vernel Glamour Selection.
Komponiert von führenden Parfumeuren
– verwöhnt Ihre Sinne jeden Tag.
Den kleinen Luxus gönn ich mir.
Die neue Vernel Glamour Selection

TVC Storyboard Text English:


A glamorous version of the Vernel theme

FVO: When your clothes give you a glamorous feeling,
it's due to the new Vernel Glamour Selection.
Composed by leading perfumers,
indulges your senses every day.
The little luxury for me and my laundry.
The new Vernel Glamour Selection.

Picture description:

Frame 1:

Open on the Vernel woman as she takes a white shirt out of her wardrobe in the morning.

Frame 2: As she unfolds the shirt, we see in close up elegant golden ornaments evolving from the soft and well cared for fabric.

Frame 3: The woman gets into the shirt, and the golden ornaments carrying along delicate flowers, develop to a glamorous trail of scent floating around.

Frame 4: The woman deeply inhales the delicate fragrance that surrounds her.

Frame 5: Cut to a close up of the Vernel Glamour hero-variant – the source of the scent trail.

Frame 6: Camera tracks back to show the packshot as a whole. It's standing on fluent fabric, in the middle of floating ornaments and flowers. A golden "New" is superimposed.

Frame 7: Some of the golden ornaments condense to a shiny label with the lettering: "Composed by leading perfumers"

Frame 8: Cut back to the woman as she inhales the precious scent from her wrist. A gesture that's known from fine perfumes.

Frame 9: Zoom out to show that she meets her partner in the city in the afternoon. Still followed by the trail of scent, she confidently approaches him.

Frame 10: As she welcomes him, he is visibly fascinated by her classy appearance and noble fragrance.

Frame 11: Cut to the woman taking a deep breath from her wrist like known from perfumes.

Frame 12: Cut to a packhot range, surrounded by golden ornaments. The "New" super shines up.


• Entwicklung eines 20 sek. Launch-TVC für die neue Vernel Glamour Selection Range.

• Kosmetischer Approach, der den Reason Why: "Composed by leading perfumers" dramatisiert.

• Markenclaim: "Den kleinen Luxus gönn ich mir" aufladen


• Konzeption, Kreation, Abstimmung und Realisation als Senior-Texterin im Team.

• Textentwicklung : Treatments, Storyboards sowie des TVC Wordings in Englisch und Deutsch

• PPM-Unterlagen ( Casting- und Location-Descriptions, Frame-Objectives) sowie Postproduction: Offline Schnitt, Sprechercasting, Tonregie